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One of the most common reasons why people choose IPTV or IP TV is the fact that you can receive so many channels. And that is a valid reason, because the range of channels is enormous. To make it a bit more concrete for you, here are the numbers: About 12,000 different international television channels. About 45,000 different international series and films. And by international we really mean international. So from German channels to Persian channels and from Polish channels to Pakistani channels, you can receive them all with IPTV. This international offering makes an IPTV box very attractive for people who have family ties with other countries.

Various TV packages with IPTV

Anyone who takes out an IPTV subscription has access to a huge number of television channels, which are divided into different TV packages. There is something for everyone with the different packages:

3 sports packages

•   ESPN package: the ESPN package consists of the 6 available ESPN channels. This way you won’t miss anything from Dutch Eredivisie football and the American MLB. 

•   Ziggo Sports package: Ziggo has a fairly extensive sports offering. Then you should think of international top football (including La Liga, Serie A and Champions League), golf, tennis, basketball and much more. 

•   Viaplay package: Viaplay recently bought the rights to the Premier League and Bundesliga. In addition, you can only follow Formula 1 and darts live on the Swedish media giant. Please note: for the Viaplay package you need a gold IPTV subscription.

Other packages

•  Erotic package: IPTV is also suitable if you want to experience an exciting evening. With more than 250 erotic channels (including a fair number of Dutch ones) and more than 1,000 erotic films, you won’t be bored for a moment. 

•  Film1 package: new films appear every month on Film1’s 5 theme channels. This way you don’t have to miss anything anymore. 

•  Children’s package: children will be amazed, because IPTV also has a huge range of television channels for children. From exciting fairy tale stories to funny cartoons, everything is possible. 

•  Hindi package: With IPTV you can receive channels from all over the world. At it is striking that the Hindi package with Indian channels is gigantic. With more than 600 Hindi channels, you won’t miss any news from India.

Try IPTV for free

By the way, you can try IPTV for free for 24 hours, so you can see if it is something for you. This applies to both the gold and silver subscriptions. Both subscriptions have a huge range, but the gold subscription has slightly more extras than the silver subscription. For example, we are talking about the Viaplay package.

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