With all the online streaming services these days, you’ll quickly feel like you don’t want to miss anything anymore. That one series on Netflix, that other great series on apple+, and then there are also many different movies and series for kids. This is all very nice, of course, but the costs are increasing every month. Especially if you also have a TV subscription with additional channel packages. By using IPTV you will significantly save on the costs of your TV subscription and streaming services. But what exactly can you get via Smart IPTV?

Video on demand IPTV, what can I watch via IPTV?

First of all, of course, the television channels. Where you have to pay for each extra channel package with a subscription through your provider, you can simply watch this with IPTV. All television channels that your provider offers can be viewed here. IPTV packages can contain more than 23,000 channels, including foreign television channels. In addition, it is also possible to watch films from, for example, Film1, but also films and series from HBO, Netflix, Disney or Videoland. Of course, this may differ per IPTV provider.

What are the costs?

If you have a television subscription, you easily pay €60 per month, and there are usually no extra packages that you have to pay for. Take Netflix, Videoland, Disney+ and NPO Start, and you are already at a minimum of €85 per month. When you take out an IPTV package on IPTV subscription, there are many different providers with different prices, but all a lot lower than the amount stated above. For example, you pay an average of €15 per month, but you can also purchase a package where you pay €45 for six months, or only €70 for a full year.

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